Partial Shade Plants

Planning a garden landscape at home can be an enriching hobby that gives you time to experiment with many different types of plants. Zoning your garden by the amount of light it receives during the day is a great way to bring various plant types together into an eye-catching home garden. Choosing the right plants for partially shaded areas of your landscape, can help fill in the parts of your yard that don't receive sunlight all day. Many types of partial-shade plants exist, from traditional to out-of-the-ordinary.

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart plant is an herbaceous plant that thrives in humus-rich soil with partial shade, and partial sunlight. During the summer in sunnier regions, the bleeding heart doesn't produce very many flowers, but when grown in ideal conditions it can blossom several times between mid-spring and early autumn. The flowers appear to be upside-down hearts with small teardrop-shaped succulents protruding from the opened petals. The appearance of the flowers, ranging in color from pink to red, is what gives the plant its name. Growing varieties of the bleeding heart is easy in temperate climates, and it grows well against trees and shaded fences.


Native to parts of Asia, the columbine is a shade-loving perennial that produces beautiful blooms during the spring and summer months. It is identified by its vibrant colors and ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. When planted in loamy soil in a shaded flower-bed, columbine can germinate in as few as seven days and produce blooms in as soon as 30 days. Direct sunlight shouldn't exceed longer than four hours at a time, as the delicate petals of the columbine plant can die in prolonged heat and sunlight.


The primrose plant is a beautiful, decorative foliage plant that produces several small flowers ranging in color from white and pink to deep red and purple. It thrives best in partial shade, but some varieties are heat-tolerant and can withstand direct sunlight. Grow primrose plants in moist, humus-rich soil and give the plant long drinks via a dripping hose system. The plant does best when planted under bushes.

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