Annual Summer Flowers

Planting a colorful summer garden to accentuate your home landscape is an enriching way to experiment with the several thousand varieties of annual flowers, from traditional favorites to exotic treasures. Depending on your level of gardening expertise, you can showcase an eye-catching summer garden in close to no time.


Ageratum is a flowering annual that reaches up to 5 feet in height, and almost as wide. The flowers of the ageratum are plentiful, sitting atop the various tube-like stems that shoot from the base of the plant. It's highly desired for the breathtaking blue hue of the large blooms, and its versatility as both a border shrub and an excellent container plant. Plant ageratum in early spring, in order for it to produce blooms by June and July, in temperate climates. In colder regions, starting ageratum indoors before the last frost of the year is a beneficial idea. The plant thrives well in loamy, well drained soil with partial sunlight.


Coleus is an annual foliage plant that is popularly used in landscaping worldwide. It is identified as being low-lying with wide leaves that vary in color from white-yellow to deep purple in the centers. It grows well in moist soil with partial shade, and can grow from mid-spring to early fall. It is a versatile plant that does best in garden boarders, beneath large bushes and trees, and in porch-side container gardens.


Geraniums are popular, and hardy annual plants that withstand dry temperatures and direct sunlight. They produce blossoms that are fragrant and brightly colored, ranging from yellow and orange to deep royal purple and fuchsia. They make wonderful bed-flowers, and can be sown directly into the ground in sunny parts of the yard. They produce flowers atop their thin, green stems from late spring all the way until the first frost of the year.

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