How to Plant a Venus Flytrap Fiend


Venus Flytrap Fiend is a brand name of a Venus flytrap greenhouse kit, which is produced by DuneCraft. The company manufactures these plant greenhouses as educational toys for home use, schools and science fair projects. A Venus Flytrap Fiend may also be given as a gift to a child to spark their interest in science or horticulture. The plant is simple to grow using the instructions and materials that come with the flytrap kit.

Step 1

Open your Venus Flytrap Fiend kit, and spread the contents out across your workspace.

Step 2

Place the base of your terrarium in front of you, facing upward.

Step 3

Massage the bag of soil that is included with your kit to break up large particles of soil.

Step 4

Carefully cut open one end of the soil bag with scissors and pour the contents into the bottom of the terrarium.

Step 5

Measure one cup of distilled water. Pour the water over the soil to moisten it. Mix the soil and water so that the soil is a boggy consistency.

Step 6

Smooth out the soil surface. Arrange the enclosed rocks and decorations in the soil.

Step 7

Open the seed packet with the scissors. Gently tap the tiny seeds into the crease of a folded sheet of newspaper, then sprinkle the seeds across the top of the bog. Do not press the seeds into the soil; they must remain on the surface uncovered by soil to germinate. Place the clear plastic lid on your terrarium.

Step 8

Place your terrarium in the refrigerator and leave it for eight weeks; your seeds need this resting period to sprout. This chilling period is known as stratification.

Step 9

Remove the terrarium from the refrigerator. Measure one-half cup of distilled water in a measuring cup and sprinkle it over the soil.

Step 10

Place the terrarium in a southern-facing window with filtered light from a lace curtain or window sheer. Never place the terrarium in direct sunlight. The Venus Flytrap plants should germinate in three to six weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Venus Flytrap Fiend kit
  • Scissors
  • Distilled water
  • Measuring cup
  • Stirring rod
  • Refrigerator


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