Patio Walls & Planter Box Ideas

Amp up your patio with planter boxes filled with seasonal blooms. Bring in long-lasting perennial blooms to the planter for a lifetime of enjoyment. Annuals are seasonal plants and look lovely tucked into the small spaces of a planter. Patio walls are the ideal spot to hang a tricking wall fountain or attach a hardy creeping vine. When painted a fun color, surrounding foliage contrasts with the patio wall to create a colorful focal point.

Edible Planter

Create your own planters using old scrap metal or recycled wood. Scrap metal and wood can be shaped into any size planter for a rustic feel to the garden. The metal is a modern-style planter that looks vibrant when filled with colorful plants and flowers. Grow container-loving vegetables such as cool-weather lettuces, tomatoes, greens and root vegetables. These vegetables are ideal for a planter container and enjoy being crammed into a space among other vegetables. Over time, and as vegetables grow, watch the fruited tomatoes plants drip over the planter to add a cascading touch to the garden.

Pocket Planter

Layer plants and flowers inside a pocket planter. With the various pockets surrounding the planter, you can fill them with cascading foliage and colorful flowers. Pocket planters are an easy way to bring in color to a space like a patio or outdoor porch. The pockets allow you to feature small and large plants for well-balanced and unusual designs. You can fill one pocket with a creeping vine such as sedum or nestle a pack of pansies inside another. The sky's the limit when designing a pocket planter.

Creeping Vines

Patio walls painted in a vibrant color look stunning with a vibrant green vine creeping over the space. Creeping vines naturally grow toward the sky and take on their own design and shape as they grow. There are many speedy vines to grow along a patio wall and ones that add bright bursts of color with their fragrant blooms. Jasmine and wisteria vines are filled with colorful blooms and add texture and color along a patio wall. Grow the fast-growing morning glory along one wall, and watch the colorful flowers swirl to a close each evening. The speedy grapevine has deep green foliage that turns a deep burgundy in the fall and looks elegant draped along a patio wall.

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