How to Fertilize Lemon Trees


Lemon trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. They are easy trees to take care of, but to get the biggest and juiciest fruit, you must add fertilizer. Lemon trees require a larger area of fertilizer than some might think. For the tree to fully benefit, the entire root system must come in contact with the fertilizer. With the proper technique, your lemon tree will get a constant supply of fertilizer and flourish throughout the year.

Step 1

Estimate the height of the lemon tree. If possible, measure the height with a measuring tape. The height determines how much fertilizer is needed for the tree.

Step 2

Apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer in a circle around the tree in early spring. The circle should be equal to the height of the tree. For example, if the tree is 10 feet tall, apply a 10-foot circle of fertilizer around it. Since all fertilizers are different, read the instructions for your product.

Step 3

Fertilize every five weeks until fall comes and the temperature drops. Fertilizer is not needed during the cold months as lemon trees generally do not grow during this time.

Step 4

Water the ground in the fertilized area to encourage fertilizer distribution throughout the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Nitrogen fertilizer


  • Fertilizing Lemon Trees
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