Ideas for Patio Landscaping

It doesn't take much to spruce up a patio with a lush and inviting design. Add plants to the patio space for their color and decorative foliage. Create the feeling of an extended living room by adding a set of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture with comfortable pillows provides extra seating at outdoor dinner parties and improves the look of the patio. Creating a private hangout is a fun way to enjoy spending time outdoors.

Patio Path

Add a functional and plant-lined path leading to and from the patio. A simple layer of mulch creates a rich and decorative path. Mulch comes in many different types, including pine, cedar and even chocolate-scented mulch. Over the mulch, lay down slate as the stepping-stones leading around the landscape. Slate is a neutral-colored stone that enhances the surrounding landscape with its blue, green and gray colors. Use the space along the patio path to plant colorful flowers. A bright fern mixed with colorful asters creates a lush patio path.

Fragrant Aromatics

Grow aromatic plants around the patio for their fragrance. Perennial aromatics like lavender add fullness to an existing patio landscape and smell delicious when you walk by the herb. Tall rosemary plants are powerful aromatic plants that create height around a patio landscape and come back each year taller and wider. Plant the rosemary along the back of the patio space for a savory-smelling backdrop to the design. Bring in containers filled with mint and lemon balm to nestle within the patio for a sweet scent. Both can be cut and added to floral arrangements for a balanced bouquet.

Creeping Vines

Use a clingy and fast-growing vine around a patio wall or outdoor patio pergola. Climbing vines are an ideal way to frame an area of he patio or create a shady retreat. Vigorous vines like morning glories and climbing roses are rampant growers and will have the patio space looking lush and green in no time. The blooms of vines also light up the space during their growing season and drape over the area for a cascading design. Plant a creeping vine in a container to grow up and over a patio arbor or even along a patio fence or trellis.

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