How to Plant Anise Hyssop Seeds


Herbs fulfill numerous purposes in the home garden. These plants contribute to culinary dishes and herbal remedies, as well as adding an attractive touch to many landscape designs. Anise hyssop, a member of the mint family, grows well in many locations. It produces a sweet taste when used in teas and infusions; the flavor closely resembles licorice in scent and flavor. You can grow anise in your garden by preparing the site and planting seeds.

Step 1

Select a sunny location in your herb garden or yard for growing anise hyssop. Find a spot that allows sufficient space for spreading. This plant grows to a height between 2 and 5 feet and spreads almost 2 feet in width.

Step 2

Perform a soil test to determine whether your soil lacks nutrients. Purchase a soil testing kit from your local garden or landscape supplier. Follow all directions on the kit to complete the test.

Step 3

Prepare the planting site for your anise hyssop seeds. Remove all existing vegetation from your chosen planting site. Add a little sand to average soil. This herb prefers well-drained, sandy soils. Incorporate any additives recommended on the test results according to package instructions. Break up soil clumps with a garden rake and smooth well to create a fine surface.

Step 4

Start seeds indoors in short-season climates. Plant new seeds in seed flats or peat pots a few weeks before the final anticipated frost. Fill containers with average potting soil. Plant seeds to the depth indicated on the package instructions. Add water to moisten soil surface. Place in a sunny window to encourage germination. Keep soil slightly moist while seeds germinate. Transplant outdoors after all chance of frost has passed.

Step 5

Direct-sow seeds into the garden bed in long-season climates. Plant anise hyssop seeds outdoors on a calm day to avoid seed loss due to wind. Follow all instructions on seed packet. Water thoroughly after planting your anise hyssop seeds. This plant prefers dry soil, but do not allow excessive dryness during very hot spells.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid consuming anise hyssop during pregnancy.

Things You'll Need

  • Soil test kit
  • Sand
  • Garden rake
  • Seed flats or peat pots
  • Potting soil


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