How Do I Get Seeds From Iris Plants?


Enjoy bursts of color in your garden with iris plants, which can lend vibrant shades of blue and purple to your landscape. Instead of buying new plants at a garden store or nursery, collect iris seeds from your existing iris plants. It can be a budget-friendly and hands-on way to expand your iris plant population so you can enjoy the flowers for years.

Step 1

Leave wilting flowers on the plants so the iris can develop seed pods. Avoid trimming or cutting the iris plant's flowers as you normally would to encourage more flower production.

Step 2

Wait for the seed pods to swell and ripen over the course of the summer. Do not touch, poke or prod the ripening seed pods.

Step 3

Collect the iris seed pods when they shrivel and turn a dark brown. The pod is ready for collecting when it feels hard to the touch and crackles easily when pressed. Use a pair of sharp scissors to snip the seed pod off the iris plant.

Step 4

Crack open the seed pod over a container. You will find several small seeds inside. Remove any of the glossy brown seeds. Black or white seeds are those that didn't form correctly and should be discarded.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Container


  • "The Gardener's Iris Book," William Shear; 2002

Who Can Help

  • National and International Iris Associations: Iris Information
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