The Best Outdoor Tall Planters

Choosing the right container for your plants is nearly as important as the right soil. Some plants require sealed containers to retain moisture, while others benefit from porous materials to aid in draining excess water. Trees and other top-heavy plants do best in containers that have added weight at the bottom to keep them from toppling over. The way a pot looks also plays an important role in choosing the perfect planter. Some plants look their best when displayed against a brightly colored planter, while others look more refined with solid-colored bases.

Tall Planter for Trees

Trees are top-heavy plants that have a tendency to fall over in wind gusts. Choosing a heavy planter or one deep enough to permit the use of heavy rocks in the bottom will help in keeping them upright. Trees also like plenty of water when in a container, making glazed pots a good choice. Fruit trees look especially nice in brightly colored and glazed planters. The glazing keeps the soil from drying out as fast as with unglazed pots. The pots should have drainage holes so roots are not sitting in water for extended periods. To make them even more sturdy, the pots can be secured to a wall with straps.

Strawberry Planters

Strawberry planters are flowerpots that are typically tall with planting pockets around the sides. These pots are usually made of clay, but plastic and ceramic are also used. Strawberry pots are not only used for strawberries; sedum, mosses and even annuals can be planted in the pockets. Unglazed pots are good for jade plants, various sedum species and other dry-soil-loving plants.

Tiered Planters

Tiered flowerpots usually have three levels graduating in sizes. Normally planted with flowers and foliage that spill over the sides, almost any plant can be used in them. The top tier is commonly planted with taller perennials and annuals. Some of these planters can be sealed and piped, turning them into fountains for decks, patios and tables.

Wall Planters

Wall planters are either attached to the sides of a building or are close to the walls. They can be free-standing, attached with screws or held in place with cables. They are constructed of wood, metal, stone and even plastic. Some are merely lattice boards with flowerpots attached while others are more refined and can be built from redwood or concrete. When placed on a sunny side of the house they are tops at growing vegetables and other sun-loving plants.

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