The Best Flowers for Your Flower Garden

The best flowers for your flower garden are the ones that will flourish, that will grow easily and require the least attention to fighting off pests and diseases. In your garden, the flowers you like best will give you the most joy for the least amount of work.

Suit Flowers To Your Climate

If your summers are cool, try fuchsias and tuberous begonias for lots of color. Grow primroses, forget-me-nots and pot marigolds for spring bloom. And appreciate your ability to grow perennials such as Japanese anemones, monkshood and delphiniums. Hot summer areas are great for zinnias, dahlias, coreopsis and New Guinea impatiens. Morning glories, brugmansias and many other semi-tropical annuals and perennials do well with warmer temperatures, so find out what does well for your area.

Choose Flowers That Like Your Soil

Most plants grow well in somewhat sandy soil that lets water flow through easily. If you have heavy soil high in clay, choose flowers such as bearded iris, echinacea, daylilies and Black-eyed Susan. Sandy soil, on the other hand, is best for thrift, rockrose, baby's breath and succulents of all kinds. You can, of course, lighten heavy soil and give bulk to sandy soil by adding lots of organic matter, but matching plant to soil saves work.

Sun And Shade

Easy perennials for a sunny area include shasta daisies, asters, chrysanthemums, dianthus, iris, peonies and poppies. For annuals, try cosmos, pansies, zinnias and snapdragons. For shady areas, go with astilbes, bleeding heart, epimediums, hardy geraniums, daylilies and spiderwort if you want the year-after-year presence that perennials give. Summer-long flowering is the specialty of annuals, so plant trailing lobelia, impatiens and begonias for maximum color.

Much Or Little Water

Great flowers for moist areas include perennial lobelias, spiderwort, bee balm, trollius and Japanese primroses. But if you have sandy soil that dries out quickly, try drought-tolerant flowers such as yarrow, gaillardia, gaura, mullein, evening primroses and agapanthus.

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