How to Make a Wire Wall Trellis


An exterior wall covered by climbing vines can add to the visual appeal of your home. A trellis provides the framework for your vines to follow and gives them support to grow. Build your trellis out of wood or use wood or plastic lattice, but perhaps the cheapest and easiest trellis to build uses only wire and hooks. A wire trellis has the added benefit of being nearly invisible once the vines have grown up around it.

Step 1

Mark the area of the wall where you want to place your wire trellis.

Step 2

Draw a grid on the wall with all lines 12 inches apart.

Step 3

Screw in hooks at 12-inch intervals along the top and bottom lines of your grid. If your wall is brick or mortar, use the mortar bit to drill holes, insert plastic screw holders and screw the hooks into these.

Step 4

Attach wires to the top screw hooks, pull them tight, then attach them to the bottom hooks and use a pliers to squeeze the hooks closed.

Step 5

Screw in hooks 12 inches apart along the left and right sides of the grid.

Step 6

Begin the side hooks 12 inches lower and 12 inches to the outside of the top row of vertical wire hooks, and end 12 inches above and to the outside of the bottom row.

Step 7

Attach the horizontal wires to the hooks on one side, pull them tight, and attach them to the hooks on the other side, then close the hooks with pliers.

Step 8

Train your vines as needed to follow the grid and cover the wire wall trellis.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil, chalk or other utensil to mark the wall
  • Galvanized wire
  • Screw hooks, #12
  • Drill with mortar bit (for brick or mortar walls)
  • Pliers


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