How to Prepare Apple Seeds to Plant


Apple trees can be grown directly from a seed out of an apple. If you choose to do so, it is best to start the process indoors as you have more control over the environment. The first step in growing a tree is seed germination. The only two requirements for seed germination are moisture and sunlight. Once harvested from the apple, apple seeds can be prepared and ready for planting in as little as a couple weeks.

Step 1

Harvest the apple seeds from the apple core. Rinse them off and pat them dry.

Step 2

Put the seeds between two layers of wax paper and let them dry for a week. Flip the seeds over every two days.

Step 3

Place the seeds on a sheet of damp paper towel. Fold the paper towel in half and place it in a container.

Step 4

Set the container on a sunny window sill.

Step 5

Check the seeds every day. If necessary, dampen the paper towel with water to keep it moist. The seeds will germinate and be ready for planting within two weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple seeds
  • Wax paper
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Container


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