How to Remove a Tire From a Lawn Mower


Lawn mowers, like cars and bikes, use tires as a means of traveling across the ground. Depending on the make and model of lawn mower, they can either be hard solid rubber or soft rubber tires that are pressurized with air. Over time, the tires will wear down and eventually need to be replaced. The life expectancy of a tire is dependent on the amount of wear, tear and use it receives. Compared to a car, it is much easier to remove a tire from a lawn mower.

Step 1

Position a jack under the corner of the lawn mower that you want to remove the corresponding tire from. Make sure it is under the solid metal frame of the lawn mower.

Step 2

Raise the jack until it contacts the metal frame, but do not lift the lawn mower off the ground yet.

Step 3

Look to see if your lawn mower has a center cap that covers the axle shaft. If it does, remove it.

Step 4

Straighten out the axle pin and remove it with a pair of pliers. You'll want the pin as straight as possible so that it slides out of the axle shaft easily. Now raise the jack until the tire is a few inches off the ground.

Step 5

Remove the washer from the axle shaft and slide the tire off the axle.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always make sure the jack is under a structural frame on the lawn mower. Failure to do so could result in serious damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Pliers


  • Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Tires
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