How to Deadhead Asiatic Lilies


Add Asiatic lilies to your landscaping areas for bold and colorful blooms that will delight for weeks each summer. Asiatic lilies grow readily in sunny growing areas, and they will stand erect with their beautiful colors to reward your gardening care. Choose Asiatic lilies with pink, orange or yellow blossoms to add just the right touch to your garden. When the blossoms begin to fade, deadhead Asiatic lilies to help the plants continue to thrive.

Step 1

Enjoy the blossoms of the Asiatic lilies as they fill your growing areas with bright, blooming colors. Asiatic lilies generally grow to heights of 3 feet, and they bloom during the first two months of the summer.

Step 2

Watch the Asiatic lilies carefully while they bloom so you will notice when the blooms begin to fade. Removing the faded blooms will help keep the lilies' energy on blooming and not on producing seeds. When the blossoms fade, snap them off immediately, under the blossoms, with your fingers. Discard the blossoms.

Step 3

Leave the lily stems and other foliage on the plants after deadheading the lilies. This foliage will supply the underground bulbs with energy that will produce next season's blossoms. Cut back the stems and foliage with the pruning shears in the late autumn when they yellow and wither.

Things You'll Need

  • Asiatic lilies
  • Pruning shears


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