How to Remove My Lawn Tractor Wheels


Many people can change the tire or wheel on a car with no problems. But, to many, changing the wheel on a lawn tractor is somewhat more daunting. The process is very similar, however, and--perhaps surprisingly--fewer parts are involved. While no lawn mower is sold with a spare tire, the process of removing the wheel and changing the tire involves the same basic steps. Just as with being able to change a car tire on the side of the road, removing the wheel on a lawn tractor will cost less than having a service company do it for you.

Step 1

Place the jack under the corner of the tractor, where the wheel is. Align the jack with the frame rail whenever possible.

Step 2

Raise the jack until it contacts the frame rail. Do not lift the tractor yet.

Step 3

Remove the center cap from the wheel. Under the cap the axle shaft will be visible. In the end of the axle shaft is a metal pin with one end bent over.

Step 4

Use the pliers to straighten the bent end of the metal pin. The pin needs to be as straight as possible.

Step 5

Push the pin out of the shaft from the end that was bent. The pin will not come all the way out. Pull the pin the rest of the way out. Both parts of removing the pin are done with the pliers.

Step 6

Raise the jack until the tire is 3 inches off the ground. This will accommodate the new tire with proper air pressure later.

Step 7

Remove the washer from the axle shaft. Place the washer with the center cap and cotter pin.

Step 8

Slide the wheel and tire off the axle shaft.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not place feet or other body parts under any vehicle on a jack as it could shift and fall.

Things You'll Need

  • Automotive jack
  • Pliers


  • Lawn Tractor Tires
  • Clarence White, Toro Certified Mechanic; Berlin, MD
Keywords: tractor wheels, mower wheel, mower tire