How to Remove the Blades on a Cub Cadet Mower


The blades on your Cub Cadet mower are one of the most important aspects of the machine. Ideally, you should remove, inspect and sharpen them after every eight to 10 hours of use--even if they seem to be in proper working order. Dull blades mangle the edges of grass blades. This makes them turn brown more readily and leaves them susceptible to disease.

Step 1

Empty the mower's gas tank. Set the lawn mower outside and run the engine until there is no more gas in the tank. To waste less gas, you may want to wait until your Cub Cadet mower is nearly empty before removing its blades.

Step 2

Disconnect the spark plug wire by pulling it out with your fingers. Then set it somewhere far away from the spark plug. If you are unsure of where your Cub Cadet mower's spark plug is located, consult the owner's manual.

Step 3

Lay the mower on its side so that the spark plug is facing up.

Step 4

Put on your heavy leather work gloves. Then grasp one side of the mower's blade to immobilize it.

Step 5

Remove the bolt with your long handle wrench. Then pull the bell washer off with your hand.

Step 6

Pull the blade and the attached adapter (a blade bell support will also be attached to the blade and adapter on some models) off of the engine crankshaft with your hand.

Step 7

Separate the adapter and blade (and blade bell). Remove the two bolts with your wrench. Then slide off the lock washers and unscrew the nuts that hold all two (or three) pieces together.

Things You'll Need

  • Long handle wrench
  • Heavy leather work gloves


  • Lawn and Garden Manuals Online: Cub Cadet Rotary Mower Operating Manual
  • Lawn and Garden Manuals Online: Cub Cadet Push Mower Operator's Manual
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