How to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last the Longest


Flowers in the home can add to your decor. A crock of daisies in a country cottage or a sophisticated arrangement of roses all make a statement. Whether you grow your own or pick them up at the market, it's important to give them a good start. Take a few important steps to make your blooms last as long as possible.

Step 1

Cut the bottom of the stems at an angle. This exposes more stem area to better soak up water.

Step 2

Remove leaves that will be under the water when you place the flowers in the vase.

Step 3

Heat the water to 110 degrees F. Pour it into the vase and mix in the contents of the packet of floral preservative. According to horticulturists at the University of Minnesota, the water molecules move quicker at 110 degrees F---and go up through the stem of the flowers faster.

Step 4

Place the vase of flowers in a cool area for one to two hours.

Step 5

Remove the flowers from the vase every two days. Empty the contents of the vase and add fresh solution; you do not need to heat the water. Cut the ends of the stems 1/2 inch, under running water, prior to placing them back in the vase.

Things You'll Need

  • Small pruning shears
  • Floral preservative packets
  • Water
  • Vase


  • University of Minnesota Extension: Keeping Cut Flowers and Flowering Plants
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