How to Build a Garden Hose Holder


Garden hose holders are available just about everywhere. You can spend a fortune on a deluxe model from a hardware store or lawn and garden center. Or you can spend a smaller fortune on one from a department retailer. But somehow fancy hose reels seem to find their way to garage sales and church bazaars more often than they end up holding hoses. Since most of them are a huge pain to use, it's not much of a surprise. Here's a simple, inexpensive device you can make for holding your garden hose. You can quickly set it up virtually anywhere that's convenient for you.

Step 1

Attach a 1-inch galvanized elbow to the end of a 4- or 5-foot long 1-inch galvanized pipe.

Step 2

Fit a 2-foot long piece of 1-inch galvanized pipe into the open end of the elbow, forming an "L" shape.

Step 3

Use pliers or a pipe wrench to tighten all the fittings well.

Step 4

Decorate your hose holder with weatherproof materials.

Step 5

Choose a spot where the garden hose holder where it will be convenient for you, such as near the faucet.

Step 6

Use a hammer to pound the long pipe at least 6 inches into the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-inch galvanized elbow, 90 degrees
  • 1-inch galvanized pipe, 4 to 5 feet long
  • 1-inch galvanized pipe, 2 feet long
  • Pliers or pipe wrench
  • Weather-proof decorating materials
  • Hammer


  • Thrifty Fun: Homemade Garden Hose Holder
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