Recommended Plants for Civic Planting in Canada

Civic planting, or community gardening, is an excellent way to give back to the Earth while providing crops to under-privileged families in a region. In Canada, though, varying climates can make planning a civic garden difficult. Fortunately, plenty of fruits and vegetables thrive in the fluctuating growing zones of Canada.


Asparagus is a hardy perennial vegetable that is high in nutrients like folic acid, vitamins A and C and dietary fiber. Ordinarily it takes approximately three years for asparagus to mature from seed, before it begins producing spears. It grows well in moist soil in ditches and low parts of a civic or home garden. It thrives well in cold climates in parts of the United States and Canada.


Beets are tolerant of warm weather, but they grow much better in the cold climates of Canada. The beet is an excellent choice of plants for a civic or community garden because every part of the plant can be eaten. The bulb, or root, of the beet varies in color from white and yellow to deep red, and is eaten in a variety of ways. The leaves, or greens. of the beet plant are popular in salads and can also be cooked like collard greens.


Cantaloupes are related to watermelons and are very popular as an addition to breakfast or dessert. Cantaloupes thrive in cool regions with short growing seasons like the northern United States and Canada. Cantaloupes grow well in full sunlight and well drained soil, but hot temperatures can damage and potentially kill the crop.


Potatoes are tubers that grow beneath the ground's surface, and can grow in virtually any climate and any soil conditions. They are tolerant of heat and frost, and thrive well with infrequent waterings. Potatoes are an easy-to-grow starch that can help sustain many people from a Canadian community garden.

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