How to Take Care of Peach Trees


The healthy peach tree will yield up to 50 lbs. of fruit during each harvest, for as long as 20 years. Once planted, this deciduous tree will seek the avid care and maintenance that assists it with this potential production. By this point, your peach tree is already planted and simply awaiting irrigation, pruning, fungicidal treatment and fertilization.

Step 1

Irrigate the peach tree thoroughly, approximately once each week. Provide the tree with one to 1½ inches of water each week. Increase the irrigation levels during the summer's hotter periods and always increase irrigation levels two to three weeks before harvest season. Maintain a moist soil, but do not overwater.

Step 2

Complete the pruning process in the early spring immediately before the fungicidal application and immediately after planting. Trim the trunk back to 26 to 30 inches tall. Trim back the branches to promote the open vase form. Always remove any dead or dying branches, stems or foliage. Develop a scaffolding framework and trim back any vigorously growing upright limbs.

Step 3

Protect the susceptible tree from peach leaf curl. Treat the tree annually with a fungicidal spray designed for peach trees and peach leaf curl prevention. Apply the treatment in the early spring, just before the onset of the growing season and several days before the fertilizer application. Choose a rain-free day for the application. Cover the tree thoroughly with the spray to ensure that the treatment reaches the crevices of the foliage and the bud fissures. This is where the fungal spores lie just before infection.

Step 4

Fertilize the tree regularly. Feed with a slow-release fertilizer application just before the growing season begins in the early spring, during the midsummer and after the final harvest in late fall. Use a well-balanced, granular fertilizer and broadcast it evenly around the base of the tree. Keep the fertilizer about a foot away from the tree's trunk to prevent root burn.

Step 5

Harvest the peach tree when the fruit is ripe. Inspect the tree daily toward the end of the growing season. Look for firm, full-colored fruit that is yellow with a red blush. Hand-pick the fruit daily until all of the ripened fruit has been removed from the tree. Handle the fruit carefully to prevent bruising.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Fungicidal spray


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