How to Plant Bean Seeds After Splitting


Many bean gardeners choose to soak their beans in warm paper towels before planting them in the ground. When soaked this way, bean seeds split open or germinate. By splitting bean seeds first, gardeners can spot viable bean seeds more easily, and shorten their growing time once they're in the ground. But because the young sprouts are quite delicate, these mature seeds require special care when planting.

Step 1

Choose the right time. Split bean seeds are more susceptible to frost. Therefore, you must wait until the last frost date has passed before planting them outside.

Step 2

Prepare the planting area. The sprouts in the middle of your split bean seeds are quite fragile and they will not be able to push through compacted soil. Use a hand or roto tiller to loosen the soil to a depth of 4 inches. Break up any large clumps of dirt and remove any rocks or other debris that you unearth along the way.Then spread 3 pounds of fertilizer per 100 square feet of garden area and mix it into the soil to a depth of 4 inches.

Step 3

Dig rows. Use your finger or some other, similarly sized implement to dig trenches that are roughly 1 inch deep and 3 feet apart.

Step 4

Plant your beans. Space bush beans 3 inches apart and pole beans should be spaced 8 inches apart. Carefully place the bean seeds in the soil with their sprouts facing up. Then, cover them in soil. If the sprouts are tall enough, you can pack soil around them. If not, cover the sprout with no more than 1 centimeter of soil. Pat the soil down lightly.

Step 5

Water the beans until the soil is moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • Hand- or roto-tiller
  • 10-20-10 fertilizer


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