John Deere Attachments for Lawn Mowers

Whether your outdoor job is big or small, John Deere has an attachment for its riding mowers that can handle the task. Don't just use your mower for cutting grass, when you can add a variety of attachments that will save you time and energy on other jobs, from hauling to plowing.

"18" Utility Cart

This utility cart is used for hauling small items around your property. The cart has three sides that are solidly welded and slightly rounded on top so sharp edges won't get in your way when loading and unloading. The tailgate has dual hinges and is easy to put up and down. It may even be removed without the use of tools if desired. A bonus to this cart is that it does not contain any bolts or seams in its bed. The axle is a one-piece design that is 1 inch in diameter. It is sturdily constructed of steel that is approximately 3/5 inch thick. The pnuematic tires help guide and steer the cart along and provide resistance against rolling when coming to a stop. This attachment will work well with the "X700" series of John Deere riding mowers.

42" Hydraulic Tiller

This attachment is used for plowing and turning the soil to prepare it for producing crops. It is designed to till areas that are 42 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It has 9 tines which are covered by a protective housing unit. The tiller has a feature that allows it to till while moving forward or in reverse, so you can just back up a few feet if you happen to miss an area. The tiller is very easy to install and remove using the John Deere patented Quick-Tatch removal system. The tiller also has a hydraulic drive which allows it to operate very quietly and efficiently. This attachment is compatible with most of the "X" series of riding mowers. The tiller is operated by the hydraulic system of the "X" series lawnmowers.

47" Quick Hitch Snow-Blower

This attachment allows your machine to easily blow through snow drifts to create a snow bank or provide clear access to a road This attachment is designed for use with the "X" series of John Deere mowers. The attachment will rotate a total of 200 degrees--100 degrees to the left and 100 degrees to the right. It has a two-stage design. The first consists of an auger, which will bore through the snow pile. That action is followed by the blower itself, which moves the snow out of the way. The Quick Hitch Snow Blower operates on the hydraulic system of the riding lawn mower, and the angling mechanism of the blower is also powered by this hydraulic system.

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