The Best Turf Supreme Fertilizer Settings for Spreaders

Best Turf Supreme 16-6-8 lawn fertilizer is a brand of granular product manufactured by the Simplot Companies. It is a pelletized fertilizer that is distributed onto established lawns and turf using a walking drop or broadcast spreader. The nitrogen-rich formulation has a guaranteed analysis of 16-6-8 and is manufactured to prevent iron stains on adjacent sidewalks. The recommended rate of distribution is one 50-pound bag for every 8,000 square feet of turf expanse. Various spreader tools have different dial and calibration settings to achieve the appropriate spread of the product over the surface of the lawn.

Scotts Spreader

Set your Scotts spreader model to setting M on the "Micrometer" rate setting barrel dial; it's centered on the underside of the push handle.

Spyker/Best Spreader

Adjust the dial of your Spyker/Best branded spreader model number 34, 44 or 64 by turning the white 9-digit dial located at the base of the hopper facing the push handle to 5.

Earthway Spreader

Dial your Earthway spreader to setting 17 by sliding the small knob at the top of the handle up or down to align it with the spread rate of 17 marked on the adjacent gauge casing.

Lesco Spreader

Set your Lesco spreader rate control dial, located at the side of the hopper between the rate control arm and the operating on-off lever, to setting L.

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