How to Make a Planter Box on Wheels


Container gardening allows people to enjoy the sight and smell of plants and flowers practically anywhere, even if they lack proper garden space. One such type of planter box is with wheels. Wheeled planter boxes are functional and decorative, allowing you to easily change the location of heavy contained plants and move them indoors in the cold winters. Such planters also serve as a portable vertical wall that can be moved around your home for a splash of color, or to screen out a certain area for privacy.

Step 1

Select the size of your planter box, and whether you want a square planter or rectangular one. Keep the size of the plant you want to contain, if any, in mind to help you determine the shape. Avoid making the planter wider than 3 feet; otherwise, accessing the plants in the middle will be difficult.

Step 2

Purchase rot-resistant wooden boards from a hardware store. You can select teak, cedar, oak, pine, redwood or any other type of wood depending on your taste and budget. Cut the boards yourself with a handsaw, or have the store cut it for you. You need two similar-sized long boards for the back and front of the planter, two similar-sized short sides for the sides, and a base board as wide as the short boards but similar in length to the front and back boards.

Step 3

Drill drainage holes in the bottom board, spaced 6 inches apart. Sand this piece and the surface around the holes to make them smooth. Also sand the remaining boards to remove sharp edges or splinters.

Step 4

Place the base board on a flat and even surface. Hold the back piece flush against it and drill wood screws every 4 inches to attach the two pieces together. Repeat the process to attach the front board as well.

Step 5

Hold one of the short sides in place, making sure both the joints between the edges of the front and back are even and flush. Drill it into place with wood screws. Repeat the procedure with the other short side.

Step 6

Turn the planter box over so the base side faces upward. Lower one of the plates for the swivel casters over the long side and attach it into place with the hardware in the package. Repeat the procedure to attach the other three caster plates to the remaining sides of the planter. Put the wheels into the plates.

Step 7

Stand the planter so the wheels are on the ground. Test them to make sure they roll properly before filling the box with potting soil and plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • 5 1-inch thick wood boards
  • Hand saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Sandpaper
  • Galvanized woodscrews
  • 4 swivel casters


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