How to Keep Pepper Plants Warm in the Garden


Pepper plants prefer a warm growing environment. Although many gardeners start pepper plants indoors to give them a head start on the growing season, often pepper plants still need extra warmth and protection after you move them outdoors. Keep pepper plants warm in the garden to ensure they have the best beginning. This will grow strong pepper plants that produce a bountiful pepper harvest.

Step 1

Cut the wide bottom from each milk jug with the X-acto knife. Slice the bottom straight across, taking care not to slip with the knife as you cut.

Step 2

Insert the milk jugs approximately 2 inches into the soil over each pepper plant. Make sure each milk jug stays in place securely above each pepper plant.

Step 3

Leave the cap on overnight. Remove the cap the next morning as the temperature turns moderate.

Step 4

Remove the milk jugs from the pepper plants if the daytime temperatures are at least over 60 degrees F.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use extreme care with the X-acto knife to avoid accidents and injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • Pepper plants
  • Empty gallon milk jugs (one for each pepper plant)
  • X-acto knife


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