Purple Iris Identification


The iris is a type of flowering plant and perennial herb. There are many different types of irises, such as the Nazareth iris, the Japanese iris, blood iris, yellow-branded iris and Spanish iris. Irises can come in several different colors, such as yellow and red, but the majority of them are blue and purple. The name of the plant comes from the Greek word for "rainbow" because of its large possible range of colors. There are various types of purple irises that people can identify.

Black Gamecock

Black Gamecock is a type of purple iris that has a particularly dark shade (it can almost appear to be black). It originates in the wetlands of the southern United States and in the state of Louisiana. The foliage has a yellowish-golden band around it, making the iris appear very distinct. The texture of the flower is very soft and velvety. These irises grow to be approximately 2 feet in length and require full sun. However, in many cases, they can grow to be up to 5 feet tall. They bloom from the spring going into the summer.

Crowned Heads

The Crowned Heads iris is another popular purple iris. It is a bearded iris that has a tall stature, and its color is an intense bluish-purple. The falls are of a striking whitish-blue tone. Crowned Heads can grow to a maximum of 38 inches in height. The petals are particularly large and have a ruffled appearance, and the stems are especially strong and sturdy.

Caesar's Brother

Caesar's Brother is a type of purple iris that has both dark purple and blue cultivars. The leaves are a greenish-purple color, and as a result can be very contrasting in a garden full of greenery. The irises flourish in damp soil and are resistant to drought. The roots of the Caesar's Brother iris are especially thick. This flower starts to bloom in late May, but peaks in the beginning of June.

Stool Iris

The color of the Stool Iris (also known as iris furcata) ranges from purple to blue violet. The plant requires full sun and grows in regions of the United States such as New Hampshire, Minnesota and Colorado. The Stool Iris generally grows to about 6 to 12 inches in length, although this can vary.

Iris Graminea

Iris Graminea (graminea means "grass") is a beardless purple iris that is native to southern and central Europe. The iris blooms a violet-purple shade and starts blooming during the month of June. It can grow to be between 8 and 18 inches in height. The central European Iris Graminea tends to have leaves that resemble grass and flower spikes. The fragrance of the iris tends to be somewhat fruity (similar to plums).

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