The Best Strawberry Plants for a Greenhouse

The greenhouse presents the perfect environment for growing strawberries. The plants need lots of light and heat--which a greenhouse provides--in order to produce large, juicy berries. The greenhouse also offers a protected environment so that bugs and animals can't get to the fruit before you do. Many varieties of strawberry plants can be grown in a greenhouse.


This variety is patented by Cornell University. Their studies have shown that "Jewel" does quite well in the greenhouse environment. "Jewel" produces large berries and has a moderate yield. According to a Cornell University taste test, the berries scored "very good" for frozen fruit quality. So, what doesn't get devoured at harvest can always be frozen for later use.


"Tristar" is a variety that growers prize for its hardiness. Generally disease-resistant, this plant is a workhorse, producing over and over. Since you will be growing them in a greenhouse, the berries could be a nice off-season crop. The berries are smaller than those of "Jewel," but sweeter. "Tristar" was developed by plant scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


This strawberry plant is a cultivar of the University of California, so will feel right at home in the greenhouse. A high-yielding plant, it produces large, firm berries with a conical shape. "Camarosa" crowns tend to be a bit pricey.

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