How to Overwinter Fuschias, Geraniums, & Verbena


Tender perennials such as fuchsias, geraniums and verbena need special during the cool months. The plants must be brought indoors prior to the first frost. There are several methods for overwintering fuchsias, geraniums and verbena. The easiest is to bring the plants indoors before the first frost and treat them as house plants. They can be taken back outside once the danger of frost has passed.

Step 1

Choose a location in your home for your geraniums, fuchsias and verbena. They need a south facing window that receives sun for at least six hours per day. The location needs to be draft free. Cold drafts will kill these plants.

Step 2

Remove insects from the plants. Spider mites and white flies are the most common pests found on these plants. Spray the leaves with a spray bottle with a mixture of mild soap and water to kill any insects.

Step 3

Bring the plants indoors. Cover the plants with plastic bags for two weeks. This will hold in humidity and allow the plants time to adjust to being indoors.

Step 4

Water your plants weekly. Use a watering can to water your plants once per week. Mist the foliage with a spray bottle to increase humidity levels for your geraniums, fuchsias and verbena.

Things You'll Need

  • Small spray bottle
  • Plastic bag
  • Watering can


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