How to Use Greenhouses


Greenhouses aren't just for plants with special temperature and humidity requirements. In fact, they have a number of wide-ranging uses. Most gardeners use their greenhouse to widen the possibilities. With a greenhouse, you can extend the growing season, grow a wider variety of plants than their climate normally allows, and more closely monitor the development of plants.

Step 1

Extend the growing season. In temperate climates, the ground may still be frozen in late winter and early spring. By starting plants in the greenhouse, you can avoid the damage of late frosts and plant out of doors when the weather warms.

Step 2

Grow a greater variety of plants. Not everything that you want to grow can survive in your climate. However, in the closed system of a greenhouse you can replicate nearly any climate conditions. And with the right supplies, you can grow nearly any plant that you desire.

Step 3

Grow food year round. Instead of waiting for the spring and summer to enjoy most garden vegetables, you can grow tasty legumes and fruits during the dead of winter.

Step 4

Increase your comfort level. Not all of us can get down on our hands and knees in any type of weather. Greenhouses not only offer shelter for gardens but for gardeners as well. A climate controlled greenhouse can offer growing opportunities for people that would not otherwise have them.

Step 5

Keep pests away. This is especially helpful where edible plants are concerned. In a greenhouse, you can keep bugs away without spraying your food with noxious chemicals.

Step 6

Conserve water. Because greenhouses are closed environments their humidity levels can be controlled. And plants grown in the humid environment of a greenhouse require much less water than plants grown outdoors.


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