How to Find Unusual Seeds


It can be fun to add unusual plants to your flower, vegetable or herb garden. Ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha, heirloom vegetables like the chiogga beet or exotic plants like the passionflower are difficult to find in local nurseries and shops. Some unusual plants may not grow in your region, and must be grown indoors or in a greenhouse. There are a few key places you can look to find unusual plants whether you are looking to add something new to your herb, vegetable or exotic garden.

Step 1

Determine the types of seeds you would like to find. Many types of unusual seeds exist, which may include heirloom varieties such as black sea man tomatoes or chiogga beets, or unusual medicinal plants such as ashwagandha that originate from countries such as India. There are also a wide variety of exotic plants or even simple sprouting herbs that are unusual.

Step 2

Go to your local farmers market to find unusual heirloom seeds. Many farmers collect seeds from local varieties of vegetables and herbs that aren't typically found in a grocery store. Spring is a great time to find unusual seeds at a farmers market.

Step 3

Check your local food cooperative or health food store. Often, you can find non-traditional seeds such as edible weeds like purslane or burdock. Heirloom seeds are often available at health food cooperatives, as well.

Step 4

Harvest your unusual seeds you find in the wild by carrying plastic bags and gloves on your next walk. Pick the burrs from burdock in the fall to obtain the seeds inside. Wait for the seed pods on wild purslane to begin popping open in the fall and gently shake the seeds into your bag.

Step 5

Learn to identify unusual edible or decorative plants that grow wild in your area so that you can gather seeds for your wildflower or vegetable garden.

Step 6

Remove seeds from fruits and vegetables you buy. Experiment with growing avocado pits, kiwi seeds and other non-traditional plants.

Step 7

Order unusual sprouting seeds such as buckwheat, chia seed, fenugreek or wheatgrass at sites like

Step 8

Purchase heirloom seeds you can't find locally and unusual medicinal herb seeds at online sites such as

Step 9

Find exotic plant seeds such as yucca, passionflower, passion fruit or other unusual plants at online sites such as

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bag
  • Gardening gloves


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