Pothos Plant Names

Pothos is native to Southeast Asia and areas of the Western Pacific. These evergreen climbers make ideal houseplants, as they are easy to grow in the home environment and require relatively little care. Pothos require filtered light, temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees F and high humidity. Soil should be allowed to dry between waterings and fertilizer should be applied once a month during periods of active growth and withheld during winter months. Although all varieties require the same basic care, some differences do exist in individual cultivars.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos, commonly known as devil's ivy, produces variegated green and yellow heart-shaped leaves. These rapid growing plants are cold hardy in zones 10-11, but are often grown as houseplants in cooler climates. At maturity, leaves can reach a length of 18 inches, but those grown inside rarely reach these dimensions. When provided with a stake or trellis, golden pothos climbs readily creating a tropical atmosphere.

Jade Pothos

Jade pothos is a great choice for low-light areas. It dark green foliage grows slowly with vines reaching lengths of ten feet. As a trailing plant, jade pothos rarely reaches heights over 18 inches, but can be grown on stakes or trellises. It survives in all lighting, except for direct sunlight or complete darkness. Jade pothos is a good choice for poorly lit areas.

Neon and Lime Pothos

Neon pothos, sometimes referred to as goldilocks pothos, sports bright light-green leaves. Vines reach 6 feet in length. It prefers indirect light and low moisture. Some confusion exists among sources as lime pothos is often portrayed with similar foliage, while some report lime pothos foliage as yellow-green and neon pothos with yellow leaves. The two are closely related and may be labeled as either lime or neon depending on the grower or the vendor.

Marbled Queen Pothos

Marble queen, also referred to a taro vine, produces rich green foliage streaked with white. This dramatic plant produces lush foliage but requires brighter light than other pothos to maintain its striking white streaks. Vines grow to a length of 10 feet and the main plant reaches a height of approximately 18 inches. Care is similar to other pothos, other than the need for more light. Marble queen flourishes when placed near a window with bright diffused light.

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