How to Craft With Honey Locust Seed Pods


Honey Locust trees, known botanically as Gleditsia triacanthos, produce long curved legume-like seed pods in the late summer and fall. The young seed pods are green and somewhat flexible while the mature pods are deep chocolate brown with a sheen, thickened and rigid with the surface texture of beef jerky. They range in length from 10 to 18-inch length crescents that are flat and curved or even torqued in shape. The pods can be used to create natural and rustic objects for display such as a wreath.

Step 1

Brush off or rinse the honey locust pods to remove any dirt or dust and lay flat on a stack of newsprint to dry and allow you to see what you have to work with.

Step 2

Determine the size of your wreath form by how many honey locust pods you have access to. Cover the form with enough pods so that large patches of the underlying form are not easily visible.

Step 3

Spray your wreath form with dark brown spray paint so that it is the color of or slightly darker than the hue of your honey locust pods. Set aside and allow to dry before spraying a second coat and drying for several hours or overnight.

Step 4

Lay out the basic design of your wreath and divide the pods into four equal piles so that your design uses one pile for each quarter of the wreath form to ensure an even and professional-looking result.

Step 5

Glue the stem ends of the pods to the wreath form with the length of the pod laying across or standing out from the form in an attractive layered pattern. Hold the pod in pace until the glue cools and hardens adding more clear glue as needed.

Step 6

Build up layers of the pods working with a few pods at a time in each quadrant before moving onto the next quadrant and laying a few down working your way all around the wreath. Arrange the pods so that the free ends of one pod cover and obscure the glued ends of other pods.

Step 7

Spray the pod wreath with a spray lacquer to preserve it. Choose matte lacquer for a rustic look and a satin lacquer for a richer more polished look.

Things You'll Need

  • Honey locust seed pods
  • Water
  • Clean rag
  • Hot glue gun w/ clear glue stick refills
  • Styrofoam or vine wreath form
  • Dark brown spray paint
  • Spray lacquer


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