The Best Garden Bird Baths

When you choose a garden bird bath, it should reflect your personality and sense of style. Bird baths come in a wide variety of styles. Some are elaborate pieces of art, while others are streamlined and simple. Budget also can play an important part in your selection. While some models are available for $20, others sell for $200 or more. The most important factor in choosing a bird bath is determining which one is the best water source for the birds that visit your yard.

Fountain Bird Bath

The fountain bird bath offers moving water and a shallow drinking and bathing basin. The sound and movement of water attract birds. Fountain bird baths are available in many types, including those that produce bubbles, sprays or waterfalls. Fountain bird baths give birds an excellent water supply and add beauty to a garden. If you are an enthusiastic bird watcher, a fountain bird bath will provide hours of enjoyment.

Pedestal Bird Bath

The pedestal bird bath, the most common type, is simple to assemble. It usually comes in two pieces, the pedestal and a shallow basin. It is available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your taste and garden decor. The pedestal bird bath gives birds water for drinking and bathing and attracts all sorts of birds except large ones or birds that prefer to stay on the ground.

Solar Bird Bath

Solar bird baths can seem very expensive, but they serve as a source of heated water for birds and add a dramatic flair to any garden. The solar bird bath comes with solar panels, which can be removed on some models. The solar panels produce energy that warms the water in the basin and may also create movement in the water. If you want to continue to attract birds to your bird bath in the winter and give them a source of water in freezing conditions, a solar bird bath is ideal.

Ground Bird Bath

Ground bird baths, the simplest and least expensive, offer adequate water supply and are accessible to many types of birds. The ground bird bath is a shallow basin that sits on the ground. Fountain models of ground bird baths are available. The ground bird bath is designed mainly for larger ground birds such as ducks, geese and quail.

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