The Best John Deere Lawn Tractors

A home is the single biggest purchase a person may make in his lifetime. Such an investment requires that the equipment used to maintain the property be built to perform tough duty and last a significant number of years. John Deere is a manufacturer that provides a number of lawn tractors that will fit both of these bills impeccably.


The John Deere X749 is a four-wheel drive tractor that has separate front wheel motors to adjust the speed of the mower in turns and eliminate scuffing. It has four-wheel steering to improve the tractor's maneuverability and reduce the need for backing up. The instrument panels and controls are color-coded for ease of reading. The hood is of one-piece construction and can be removed without using tools. A high-back seat can be adjusted 7 inches forward or back with six angles. The six-position tilt steering wheel can be adjusted as needed. Nonslip foot pads absorb shock and protect feet from vibration. There are handles on each fender to grip when traveling on slopes. There is a toolbox and cup holder within easy access and a 12-volt outlet for charging and powering your cell phone or CD player or even attaching a sprayer. This mower has a limited 48-month warranty.


This special-edition tractor features a three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. It features full-time four-wheel drive and smooth cluth engagement. The Twin Touch automatic transmission provides an effortless means of shifting speeds using dual foot pedals. There is also a foot-powered differential lock that will supply additional power to the rear wheels whenever extra traction is needed. It may be equipped with a 48-, 54- or 62-inch mowing deck. It has taillights, backup lights and 37-watt halogen headlights for mowing at nighttime. The front and rear wheels are pinstriped in classic John Deere green. The tractor also features cruise control, tilt steering, front wheel fenders and a seat with dial-in operator weight. Cup holders and a 12-volt adapter round out the amenities on this special edition mower.


This lawn tractor comes with a 48-inch or 54-inch mowing deck to take care of extra large jobs. It features a 27-horsepower motor with electronic fuel injection for better fuel economy and lasting durability. It has an internal hydraulic system that is maintenance-free. There are no belts on the shaft drive of this machine, so they never need replacing. It is designed with a welded frame and cast iron axle and a front brushguard to protect the grill and front bumper from damage. It comes with a 12-volt power outlet that will power cell phones or CD players. There is also a cup holder and toolbox within easy reach. The comfortable seat has a high back and folds for protection from the elements. A six-position tilt steering wheel can be adjusted for operator comfort and makes getting on and off the mower a breeze.

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