Lawn Care Products for Bugs

No matter how well you maintain your lawn, you will inevitably be plagued by a host of unwelcome insects. Biting and crawling insects can disrupt your outdoor time and infect your pets. You will likely want to exercise some form of pest control to keep creepy-crawlies at bay. There are a number of products on the market to help you with whatever bug problem you might encounter.

Green Light

Green Light is proud to offer a ready-to-use home and garden insect spray that is organic and chemical free. It contains a blend of plant oils that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a food additive. Because of this, the product is safe to use around children and pets. The product is safe for use on ornamental plants, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and trees. You might even use this spray indoors if you like or spray around the perimeter of your foundation as a barrier treatment. There is no insect resistance to this organic treatment. It will take care of many pests including cockroaches, ants, flies, fleas, mosquitoes and spiders. It is available in a gallon jug or 24 oz. spray bottle. Simply spray in the area in which you wish to control insects. Treatment can be reapplied whenever insect activity is present.


Sevin is available in many different sizes and varieties. You can purchase a 1.5 lb. or 3 lb. canister of Sevin dust for easy dusting of vegetable plants to remove Japanese beetles or other leaf-eating insects. For larger areas, you can buy Sevin granules in 10- or 20-lb. bags. You can simply spread these on your lawn with a seed spreader or by hand. Water the area lightly after spreading and the granules will provide control for ants, fleas and ticks for up to three weeks after treatment. You can also use Sevin as a barrier treatment around the foundation of your home to keep out unwanted pests such as roaches and silverfish. Sprinkle it into small cracks in your porch or patio to ward off mosquitoes. There is a Sevin spray that is ready-to-use and is more appropriate for small areas. A concentrated mixture that will need to be diluted is available for very large yards and can be used in a garden sprayer.

Ortho Bug-B-Gone

Ortho Bug-B-Gone comes in a ready-to-use 32 oz. bottle. Shake this product well and screw on to the end of a garden hose. Turn on the water hose and set the dial on the bottle to "spray." Start at the farthest end of your lawn. You can even direct the spray into tiny cracks or crevices and spray the perimeter of your foundation. To stop spraying, turn off the water supply and turn the crank the bottle to "off." Bug-B-Gone can be used on shrubs and ornamental plants. One application will protect your lawn for about six weeks from more than 150 lawn pests. These include roaches, ants, ticks, fleas, and spiders.

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