What Is the Significance of Stargazer Lilies?


The stargazer lily--also known as the Oriental lily--is a large, flower with hot pink stripes and spots. The outer color ranges from white to pink. The flowers grow from bulbs, and three to four flowers grow on each stem. The bulbs bloom during the spring, when the temperature is mild. Stargazer lilies are often included in spring flower bouquets.

Traditional Meaning

The meaning that was traditionally associated with lilies was purity and innocence. The flowers were included in bouquets for young women, debutantes. They were also associated with Easter and spring, as a symbol of rebirth and fresh beginnings. These meanings date back as far as ancient Roman and Greek civilizations.

Modern Meaning of White Stargazers

Stargazer lilies--especially the white ones--are often used as an expression of sympathy. The white stargazer lilies are often included in funeral sprays, and in bouquets sent to grieving families.

Modern Meaning of Pink Stargazers

Pink stargazer lilies are associated with wealth, prosperity, and aspiration. Add these lilies to bouquets and arrangements to offer congratulations. These flowers work well to celebrate events like a new job or a graduation.

In Bouquets

In bouquets, the striking stargazer works well alone or with other flowers. Alone, group the flowers in large bundles. Leave the stems long. Gather with a silk ribbon, or wrap with tissue paper.

In Flower Arrangements

In flower arrangements, use stargazer lilies as complementary flowers. The blooms are so striking that they will overpower an arrangement if too many are used. In small arrangements, use two or three stargazer lilies in the center of the arrangement. Large arrangements can use up to six stargazers, spaced out.

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