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Interest in classic farm equipment has increased in the past few years. To wit, the Ford 4000 model tractor is sought after by collectors because of its sturdy construction and classic design. Whether you want to restore a classic tractor or need a basic piece of equipment for everyday farm chores, the Ford 4000 will fit the bill rather nicely.


The Ford 4000 tractors were only manufactured for a short while. They were produced between 1962 and 1965. They were built by Ford at their manufacturing facility in Highland Park, Michigan and were very similar to the previously-built Ford 801 and 901 series of tractors.


The 4000 series of Ford tractors has a slightly redesigned front grill that eliminated the large Ford emblem on the front. These tractors were painted Ford blue with white hood and front. The inside rim of the tires were painted white as well. There was a platform on either side of the tractor for stepping on to reach the seat. The front of the tractor was squared on each side with a slightly round shape to the top of the hood.


Ford manufactured three types of engines for their 4000 model tractors. There was a gasoline powered engine, a diesel powered engine, and LP gas powered engines. All of these were four cylinders with 55 horsepower each. They would each hold 16 gallons of fuel. A typical Ford 4000 engine could reach up to 2,200 revolutions per minute.


The transmission of the Ford 4000 tractor was a Select-O-Speed model. This transmission was a trademark of Ford tractors. All dealers were required to have a Select-O-Speed demonstrator tractor on their lots. The Select-O-Speed transmission was basically operated by using a rotating lever. This allowed the driver to shift up or down without using a clutch to do so.


Optional equipment that could be added on to the Ford 4000 tractor included power-assisted steering and horizontal exhaust. Owners could also upgrade to wheels with differential lock, which meant that they could evenly apply the power to both sets of wheels. This aided the tires in gaining traction on heavy terrain.


There were many accessories available for the Ford 4000 tractor. A kit to convert the tractor to accommodating a three-point hitch was offered by dealers. A radio and canvas cab were offered for those who preferred to ride in a little more luxury. Dual rear wheels with adjustable rims could be purchased for added traction and performance.

Other facts

This tractor weighed 3,400 pounds when shipped from the manufacturer. It had a wheelbase of 84.5 inches. The tractor was equipped with a rear, three-point hitch. This hitch was capable of hauling or lifting up to 3,200 pounds.

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