Reel Mower Parts

Reel mowers have for many years been considered old fashioned or your grandfather's mower. The labor involved in pushing the mower across the surface of the lawn has been removed and replaced with power mowers that are self propelled. While the labor may be easier with power models, the cutting performance of a sharp reel mower remains hard to surpass.

Blade Reel & Bed Knife

The key elements of a reel mower is the bed knife and a round, open form cylinder made of metal and five to six sharpened cutting blades that lay parallel to the ground and are distributed evenly around the cylinder. The blades can be linear or slightly torqued to improve the cutting performance of the blades. The rotating blades cut against the stationary bed knife blade to cut the grass much like a scissor shear.


Reel mowers sit on two tires with metal rims and rubber or plastic tires with deep treads for grip. The tires sit astride at either end of the cutting blade reel. The wheels are free moving and propelled into motion by the push action forced on the handle of the mower.

Push Handle

Reel mowers commonly have a rigid T-shaped handle that is connected to the wheels and blade cylinder by strong metal struts. The Top of the T-handle often has grips that are molded to the hands as you often have to exert considerable forward pressure on handle to advance the mower.

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