Fertilizers That Produce Food Quickly

Gardeners are always looking for fertilizers that produce food quickly from their garden. Liquid fertilizer acts faster than solid fertilizers. Organic fertilizer can act faster than chemical fertilizers but can also stop working faster as it breaks down quicker. Mineral, animal and organic fertilizers can all help produce food quickly.

Compost Tea

Compost tea is a fertilizer solution created by soaking and steeping prepared compost in water. This liquid is then sprayed directly onto leaves or poured into the soil. Compost tea is touted as having the ability to increase plant growth, provide nutrients, provide beneficial organisms, help suppress disease and replace toxic garden chemicals according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as stated on their website.


Vermicomposting is also known as worm farming. This form of composting creates a natural fertilizer from worm castings in both liquid and solid state. As worms dig through organic garbage they eat it. As the worm eats, it leaves behind waste, which is filled with minerals and nutrients vital to plants and soil. The solid form becomes a type of dirt which can be spread around the garden. The liquid form is collected in basins below the worm bins similar to how lichate is collected. This liquid form can be sprayed directly onto plants and the soil for quick results.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt contains 10 percent magnesium and 13 percent sulfur which is beneficial to plant growth. It is a fast acting fertilizer which can be applied either in liquid form when diluted with water or given in granular form. To create Epsom salt fertilizer you would mix one tablespoon of the salt with one gallon of water.

Garden Lime

Garden lime is created from pulverized limestone, which is also known as chalk. Lime is known to raise the pH level of soil as well as provide calcium for gardens. Dolomite lime is a close cousin of garden lime with the difference being the higher amount of magnesium on Dolomite limestone. The fastest acting limestone variant is Quicklime. While Quicklime cannot be applied directly to soil it can be mixed with water to create a hydrated lime and spread in heaps in the garden. The rain helps it to form slaked lime which can then be spread out into the soil. Quicklime is the fastest acting of the three, but also has the shortest effect.

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