Hand Mower Parts

It's always a good idea to get to know your hand mower's parts. By taking the hand mower apart and cleaning and oiling its parts, you'll ensure that it serves you well. Plus, a well-cared-for hand mower has a considerably longer lifespan.

Upper Handle

As the name suggests, this is the uppermost part of the hand mower's handle. In most models, it is constructed of two metal tubes that branch out in a "t" shape to create handles.

Handle Panel

The handle panel is located at the lower end of the upper handle. It will contain any height controls for your hand mower.

Handle Brace

The handle brace is composed of two parallel metal poles. The handle brace branches out at the end to connect the upper handle and handle panel to the reel assembly.


The wheels of most hand mowers can be removed by popping off the hub cap.

Reel Assembly

The reel assembly consists of the rotating blades and the axle of the push mower.

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