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The famous green John Deere tractors have been used and loved on American homesteads since 1837. Although John Deere is traditionally known as a manufacturer of farm equipment, it offers a complete line of lawn maintenance products as well. The L100 is designed for do-it-yourselfers who need their machine to perform a wide variety of tasks to aid them in keeping their yards beautiful.

Common Uses

The L100 series lawn tractor is recommended for homeowners who have up to an acre and a half of land to mow. It is also an ideal piece of equipment for people who do light hauling of garden materials, tools or crops on a semi-regular basis. The mower deck easily converts from mulching to bagging whenever required.


The John Deere L100 is sturdily constructed of heavy-duty cast iron in the front axle. The rail frame is completely welded the entire length and contains no nuts or bolts. The 42-inch mower deck is constructed of welded steel.


This riding lawn mower contains a 17 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. It contains only one cylinder, which is manufactured from cast iron. It is designed so that you do not need any tools to drain the oil from the pan. The engine will hold 2.1 gallons of fuel.


The mower is 51 inches tall at its highest point. It is also 69 inches long and 52 inches wide. The wheel base of the mower is 48.9 inches. The mower has an 18-inch turning radius, with a 25-inch uncut circle radius.


There is a wide array of accessories that may be purchased for the John Deere L100. Some of these include soft-side and hard-side canopies and sun shades. Improved dual or single headlights can also be added. If you like, you can even add a floor mat, foot lift, or foot rest extension to your mower.


The John Deere L100 riding lawn mower is designed for comfort. It features a padded seat with backrest so you can sit for extended periods of time. It has a step on either side of the mower so you can climb up easily. There is a cup holder so you can stay hydrated while mowing. It also features more leg room than previous John Deere models.

Additional features

This model of lawn tractor has a patented Cargo Mount System that allows easy attachment of accessories to the front and rear of the mower. There are also two headlights that are embedded in the front of the lawn tractor, which light up from dusk to dawn. You can easily see if you are low on fuel by looking at the fuel sight gauge.

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