Backyard Water Drainage Problems

One of the most troublesome thorns in a gardener's side can be drainage issues. No matter how well thought out your placement or how precise your care, a quirk in the shape of your land can cause a number of common backyard drainage problems, flooding your patch or even draining away the topsoil your plants need.

Retaining Walls

People install retaining walls to prevent the loss of their soil due to erosion. However, retaining walls often patch over one problem with another, causing localized flooding and stagnant water around the wall.


Another potential water drainage issue concerns the products that may be draining away with the water. If you have a drainage system in place, then you should most likely cease using pesticides or herbicides during times of heavy rain or dampness. One of the biggest sources of river pollution is consumer pollutants draining from yards into ground water.

Shallow Roots

Plants normally do an exceptional job of preventing erosion and holding on to soil. However, if your property was previously heavily wooded, and is now a well-manicured lawn or garden, you are more likely to see drainage issues in your future. Keeping a few trees in place can provide the root structure needed to hold on to soil, even in torrential downpours.

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