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The first tractor produced by Henry Ford was completed in 1907. It was originally called an automobile plow, and used many parts from Ford automobiles in its construction. Ford went on to make a number of classic farm tractors, including the 2000 model. This one is still popular with collectors and antique tractor dealers alike.


This model was the first of the "thousand" series of tractors produced by Ford. The 2000 was manufactured between 1962 and 1964 in Highland Park, Michigan. These tractors were the first Ford tractors to be painted blue instead of the previous red and cream colors. Early models were blue and white and later evolved to solid blue.


The Ford 2000 tractor was a replacement for the 601 model tractor. It was the introductory-level "thousand" series tractor. The 4000 series tractor and 6000 series tractors were introduced later the same year and were more high-scale versions of the Ford 2000.


The engines manufactured for these tractors were four cylinder gasoline or diesel powered motors. Diesel engines were more common than those than ran on regular gasoline. They had 36 horsepower and could operate at 2,000 revolutions per minute.


The Ford 2000 tractor was squared in front. The headlights of the tractor were on each side of the hood and sat back from the front edge six to eight inches. It has a small step on the side of the tractor so you could get into the black leather seat. The rear fender wells were rounded and came over the top of the back tire about four to five inches.


The Ford 2000 had a sliding gear transmission. Early models had four gears forward and one in reverse. Later models featured five speeds while moving in a forward direction and one speed in reverse. The last models of transmissions to be included in Ford 2000 tractors were improved to offer eight gears while moving in a forward direction and one speed while traveling in reverse.

Serial numbers

Ford sequentially numbered the tractors by date manufactured. The tractors manufactured in 1962 were numbered from 1001-11947. Tractors produced in 1963 were numbered 11948 through 38930. In 1964, the tractor numbers began with 38931. The serial numbers are located on the transmission, near the upper right hand corner. There is a diamond shape before and after the serial number.


The grille of the Ford 2000 tractor were the first that did not have the round Ford emblem in the center. Instead, the Ford logo was placed in white letters that were about three inches high. These letters were placed in the center of the grill starting about 1/4 of the way down and read from top to bottom.

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