Free Online Shrub Landscaping Ideas

Jazz up your outdoor landscape using colorful shrubs with bright blooms. Nestle them along your garden beds and front entry for a stunning design. Use small bushes nestled in large containers flanked on either side of a backyard garden or along the front steps. Add them around bare area of your house for added color and texture throughout the space.

Rose Shrub

Shrub roses are a fragrant and stunning shrub to use throughout the landscape for texture and color. They are hardy and very rugged plants that act as a shrub while offering the added bonus of a stunning flower bloom. This gorgeous shrub has a mound-like shape growing up to four feet high. During the growing season, their pink blossoms light up the landscape. The glossy and green foliage also look stunning against the bright pink blooms. Plant these lovely shrubs throughout the landscape to add a fragrant bloom. They also look lovely snipped for a fresh bouquet.

Pyracantha Shrub

Also called the firehorn, pyracatha is a stunning shrub with clusters of berries in orange, red and yellow colors. This semi-evergreen shrub looks lovely nestled around the front of a house or along the garden path as an inviting entryway design. The lush green foliage looks stunning contrasting against the side of a home to help fill out the space. Grow the pyracantha along a garden fence or wall to add a burst of color. With their ability to grow up to ten feet wide, these large shrubs are bound to create a focal point to any are of the landscape.

French Hydrangea Shrub

With their colorful and snowball-like blossoms, the French hydrangea blooms drip with color throughout the landscape. Unlike the typical hydrangea, the French hydrangea blooms on old and new growth making them a long-lasting and very hardy hydrangea. These showy flowers look lovely around an outdoor patio or along a pergola or arbor to light up the space. They can also be nestled within a large container or perennial garden. For a dramatic landscape idea, use these stunning bushes along a front garden bed or as colorful edging down a sweeping driveway.

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