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Hypro Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of products for spraying systems. Among its offerings are spray tips that are used in a variety of agricultural applications. Hypro spray tips are available in a wide range of pressure ranges, spray patterns and flow rates. They are manufactured in different materials that include brass, stainless steel, PVD, ceramic and polyacetal. Each tip is customized to accommodate the specific requirements of applying water, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural preparations.

Broadcast Tips

Hypro broadcast tips effectively spray over an entire area with uniform distribution. Low drift tips offer an angle of spray and droplet size the reduces wind drift of the product being sprayed. Coverage tips have spray patterns and droplet sizes specifically designed to provide maximum coverage. Still other tips combine the benefits of low drift and coverage. Acid defoliant tips are made to withstand the effects of corrosive chemicals.

Banding and Directed Tips

Banded and directed tips spray a specific area leaving other areas unsprayed. The tips provide specific spray patterns, such as flat fans, hollow cones, and full cones. They also offer off-center spraying and can even produce air-filled droplets that burst on target. These tips can be aimed to offer careful control. Banding and directed tips are especially good at spraying around obstacles in agricultural field situations.

Air Blast Tips

Air blast tips incorporate a moving flow of air into the spray stream. This carries the spray farther and higher, allowing for effective coverage in plant canopies. Air blast spray tips come in hollow cone and fan nozzles and can be adjusted to minimize the amount of 'blow-through' of excess spray that passes beyond the target.

Fertilizer Tips

Hypro fertilizer spray tips are specifically designed to deliver plant nutrients to soil. These tips can product fan sprays or they can deliver a steady single stream or six stream flow to effectively flood soils. Tips are also available that minimize the effect of leaf burn from fertilizers.

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