Inexpensive Small-Scale Landscaping Flower Garden Ideas

Creating a vibrant and rich flower garden doesn't have to be expensive. With a few simple "ingredients," you can transform your garden into a luxurious and relaxing space. Use hardy plants to ensure a long-lasting garden design. Add budget-friendly items found around your landscape, such as stones and rocks, to create decorative borders.

Garden Path

Add an inviting path to and from your flower garden using mulch. Mulch is an affordable material to create a garden path, and it helps the soil retain moisture during throughout the growing season. This functional, small-scale path design contrasts well with the bright blooms found in the garden. To create the design, clear out a path at least 1 foot wide through the garden. Lay down a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch in the cleared space. Using a level head rake, smooth the mulch to create a level surface. Update the path once a season by laying down a new layer of mulch.


Planting flowers inside the garden can get expensive. To reduce costs but pack a big design punch, use containers. You won't have to plant as many flowers inside the garden for the same colorful effect, and containers require less potting soil and water than a full-size garden. Fill the containers with colorful blooms of varying heights and widths for a well-balanced design. Use perennial blooms, which come back each year healthier and fuller, for a long-lasting design and one that reduces the amount of flowers you buy over time. Nestle the containers within your flower garden to add texture and height to the space. Use the garden palette inside the containers and echo the color scheme throughout.


Add a trellis within your flower garden to grow your favorite edible creeping vegetables, such as tomatoes, or a lush, climbing flower vine. Use downed limbs or fresh-cut prunings to create your own trellis, or buy a small-scale trellis at a home-improvement store if you don't have access to fresh wood. To create the design, situate the trellis within the garden or along a garden wall or fence as a backdrop to the space. Plant a colorful climbing vine, such as a climbing hydrangea or jasmine, for bright bursts of color and fragrance throughout the season.

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