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Natural lawn care used to be something that was reserved only for the experts, or the extremely environmentally conscious. Manure, often a staple in any natural lawn care regimen, has been joined by other products such as corn gluten and compost. While these may all have some disadvantages, they all are natural, meaning they are not made with synthetic substances that may harm pets and children.


The function of natural lawn care and manure is to maintain a yard that has an equal balance of nutrients so that an optimum growth is realized. This provides the lawn will a full cover, which not only looks better overall, it also helps choke out invasive weed species. Thus, maintaining a dense lawn is a good natural way to help control weeds.


Natural lawn care products run the gambit from those that can be bought in the stores, such as corn gluten and manure, to those that can be cultivated at home, such as compost. Still, using manure as fertilizer is a very common way to start a natural lawn care program. Some also use manure in the garden, but the lawn is considered a much safer place to use manure as fertilizer.


Manure and natural lawn care do go together in that manure is a natural substance that can promote lawn growth. It contains many of the elements plants need such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. At the same time, it provides a natural way to keep your lawn looking good, and the runoff concerns are not nearly as severe as they are with synthetic products, which tend to decay and break down at a much slower rate.


When looking at manure as part of a natural lawn care routine, it is important to remember that many types exist. You may get the manure fresh, dried or composted, which is very similar to the dried product. The benefit of a dried or composted manure is that it cuts down the risk of pathogens such as E. coli, which can cause symptoms such as nausea and severe diarrhea.


Though the benefits of using manure as part of a natural lawn care program are easily identifiable, the disadvantage may prevent some from using it. The fertilizer can have an odor, especially if it is fresh. Further, your lawn may not appear as green. Natural fertilizers also do not have the time release advantages many synthetics do.

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