Parts for a Garden Sprayer

Sprayers are exceptional gardening tools. Whether you're using the garden sprayer to dispense fertilizer, insecticide or weed control you can be sure your plants will receive uniform coverage. Backpack garden sprayers are invaluable for large properties. With a capacity of four gallons you'll have enough solution to complete your project without refilling. Like any other tool, a garden sprayer must be maintained for optimal performance. Knowing and understanding the parts for a garden sprayer will enable you to purchase replacements rather than buying a completely new unit.


There are several nozzles available for your sprayer. Each nozzle provides a different spray pattern. The flat fan nozzle delivers a broad mist which covers a large area. A jet stream nozzle is more specific, projecting a fine well-contained stream. An adjustable nozzle allows you to select the spray pattern best suited for your needs.


The wand on a garden sprayer may be constructed of plastic or metal. At one end of the wand is the nozzle. The other end houses the flow control valve. Wands come in varying lengths, and are easily replaced should a leak develop.


A garden sprayer can hold as little as one quart of fluid, and as much as four gallons. Smaller reservoirs are used on pump sprayers. The larger reservoirs are used on backpack sprayers. The reservoir holds the mixture that is being sprayed.

Reservoir Cap

The reservoir cap can be removed to gain access to the reservoir. Inside the cap is a rubber gasket. When the cap is securely tightened, the gasket serves as an airtight seal allowing for optimal pressure within the reservoir.

Pump Assembly

Smaller pump style garden sprayers use a simple up-and-down type pump, whereby pressure is increased by forcing air into the reservoir. Backpack sprayers have a pump lever that is operated by the left arm, and also requires an up-and-down motion to increase pressure in the reservoir.

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