How to Grind a Reel Mower


Lawn owners often choose reel mowers because they are easier to use and maintain than gasoline powered mowers. A reel mower will never need fuel, engine lubricant or electrical repairs. And while you must remove a gasoline-powered mower's blades and sharpen them with metal files, reel mower blades are much easier to grind sharp. All you need are a few simple tools and a sharpening kit.

Step 1

Place the mower somewhere where you won't have to strain to access its blades. An ideal location is on top of a sturdy table. Then push the handle down so that the mower is lying relatively flat.

Step 2

Remove the hub cover from the wheel. On almost all reel mower models, this is a small plastic cover just over the hub of the wheel. Wedge your screwdriver between the cover and the wheel and pop the cover off.

Step 3

Slide off the C-ring. The C-ring is, as its name indicates, the C-shaped ring that sits just under the nut that secures the wheel. Use your flat head screw driver to push it off the nut and set it aside.

Step 4

Pull the wheel off.

Step 5

Pull the gear off with your hand.

Step 6

Slide the short end of the crank (found in the sharpening kit) over the post that the gear was attached to.

Step 7

Apply the grinding compound. In the kit you will find a small plastic container and a brush. Open the container and apply an even coat of its contents to the blades of your reel mower.

Step 8

Turn the crank so that the blades turn backward. Continue to turn them until you see the smooth metal edge of the blades.

Step 9

Re-assemble the mower. Remove the crank and put the gear back on. Next, pop the wheel back on and secure it with the C-ring. Then snap on the hub cover.

Step 10

Clean the grinding compound off the blades with a spray cleaning solution.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharpening kit
  • Flat head screwdriver


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