How to Use an Ariens Rear Tine Tiller


Rear tine tillers make quick work of hard, previously fallow ground. The Ariens rear tine tiller is a heavy-duty model equipped with a 6-horsepower engine, chain-drive transmission for added torque, and large tines that till in 17-inch rows to a depth of nearly 7 inches. And although it has a variety of features, the Ariens rear tine tiller is quite easy to manage. The controls are easy to reach and clearly marked. However, a thorough reading of your owner's manual is still necessary to learning everything about the machine.

Step 1

Read your Ariens rear tine tiller owner's manual to familiarize yourself with all of its controls and their locations. If you are missing your manual, see the Resources section for an online copy.

Step 2

Position the tiller at one corner of the area you intend to till.

Step 3

Set the tilling depth. To do so, release the depth stake pin and pull it up to lower the tines into position. Then lock the depth stake pin by inserting it in the nearest hole.

Step 4

Engage the tiller. Squeeze the tine control against the handle to engage the tilling blades and the wheels. Then move the throttle (which drives the forward action) to the desired speed. Guide the rear tine tiller in a straight row across the tilling area.

Step 5

Prepare to make a turn. Release the tine control once you have reached the end of the row. Then move the throttle to the "slow" position and the shift lever to the forward position ("F"). This will stop the tines.

Step 6

Turn the tiller to make the next row. Lift the rear tine tiller's handle to lift the tines out of the ground. Then turn the machine by swinging the handle in the opposite direction that you wish to turn the tiller.

Step 7

Start the next row. Once you are in position to make the next row, lower the handle of the tiller. Then shift the lever back to the "till" position and move the throttle to the desired speed. To begin tilling, squeeze the tine control against the handle once more.


  • Owner's Manual: Arien's Rear Tine Tiller
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